5th March 2014- As a result of Councillor Greg Lodge's article in the Tadcaster Town council Newsletter I have reinstated the Guestbook. I removed this a year ago after certain unsavoury comments were placed in it. I have also been working on another website so have not updated the site or visited members pages, so I apologise, if you have been trying to contact me. 

If you are visiting could I please ask you call back at the end of March and I will up date the site to include WW2, and Shortly After South Milford. If you have any information please leave a message or your e mail and I will endeavour to contact you. please take time to read the site and I hope you get an opportunity to visit the final resting place of our local men. Dave


The above quote is on the Tadcaster War Memorial, after leaving the Royal Air Force i came home to the town of Tadcaster and found myself on Rememberance Sunday stood looking at the names and the above qoute on the memorial. On checking locally there was no record of who these men were and so in 2004 i started this website. Nearly 10 years hundreds of hours and £3000.00 later the site has grown to include towns and villages within a ten mile radius. 

All the men remembered on this site had some type of connection to Tadcaster and the towns and villages mentioned on this site. They were either born there, enlisted there or lived and worked there. The aim of this site is to ensure their names are not forgotten.

In many cases these men were from the same regiment and it can be presumed they all joined together as pals, and ultimately paid the highest price as pals, many lay side by side on foreign soil, gone but not forgotten. Passchendaele, Gallipoli, Persia, India, Mons, Somme,Ypres, Alexandria all these areas and many more hold a little piece of Tadcaster and the local area.

Hopefully this site it will assist not only YOU in finding out the man behind the name, help in researching your family tree, but assist our local schoolchildren the next generation in gaining a better understanding of the horrors of war and in particular WW1.

Tadcaster War Memorial

Any information relating to any of the men on this site would be appreciated and added with your permission. I hope you will respect my copyright of this site as a lot of personal time, effort and money as been invested to gather the information. However if you do wish to use any information from this site please feel free to contact me.

This site is being updated on a regular basis and as you can imagine is a huge task having a full time job as well ! so please be patient and call back on a regular basis to check the updates page. Please feel free to leave a message in the guestbook if the page shows blank, please click it again and it should load. Thank You Dave.